dark_7_days's Journal

21 February
My name is Jamie. I'm an artist, cosplayer, nerd and a Pokemon Lover. I have been an artist since 1994, a cosplayer since 2003 and a Pokemon Lover since 1997.

My favorite pokemon is Charizard followed by Latias/Latios, type is dragon and plush collection +200
There is a reason why my friends call me "the Pokemon Master"

Cosplays I have done: Skyrim(Dovahkiin and Azura), Pokemon(Steampunk Pikachu, Female Gary Oak, Clair, Latias, Espeon and rave Dragonair), Ariel(Sail Dress, Puffy Pink Dress, Mermaid, Steampunk, Slave Ariel 'star wars cross over' and Fairy Tale Designer Doll), Adventure Time(Fiona), Inuyasha(Koga...he was my very first) and Batman(Poison Ivy).